The Great Narberth Leprechaun Hunt

Saturday, March 12, 2016 - from 1pm to 4pm

In this free family event in downtown Narberth, kids search the town trying to win a prize by finding ten hidden Leprechauns.  

The Narberth scavenger hunts are a huge hit with local families and Narberth businesses. These events bring families from the community into our local shops, giving business owners a chance to re-connect with loyal customers and start some new relationships, too.  For the kids it's all about the fun of the chase, the treats along the way, and the prize at the end. 

The 2016 event is Saturday, March 12, from 1pm to 4pm*. (*The Hunt continues until 4pm or until we run out of prizes.) The NBA "Blarney" Booth at the corner of Haverford and Forrest Ave is the starting point, where kids get a game card with clues and an empty black plastic pot-o'-gold.  They search through the town for ten hidden leprechauns.  When they find one, they get a "gold" chocolate coin to put in their pot.  Once they've found all the leprechauns, and have all ten chocolate coins, the kids return to the NBA booth for their prize -  a shiny golden U.S. Dollar coin.

This free family event is brought to you by the Narberth Business Association.

Video of the Great Narberth Leprechaun Hunt by Don Groff: